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startup jobs2Looking for a Silicon Valley Marketing Startup Job? Are you aware that 16,848 of the world’s best startups are hiring on the website AngelList. Consider adding AngelList to your career search resources. You are able to apply to thousands of jobs with one profile and gain access to over 16,000 startup marketing positions. It is free and there are many advantages:

Apply privately Only companies you apply to will see you’re looking for a job. Your current boss won’t know.
See salary up-front See salary and equity before you apply.  Compare jobs using our startup salary tool.
No Middlemen Speak directly to the startup’s founders. No recruiters allowed.

Job Opening Examples:

  1. OpenSponsorship  A marketplace for sports sponsorship   Sports Tech Internship No equity  We are seeking a young, smart individual who is looking to break into the sports or technology industry and interested in helping us grow our user base of athletes, sports events and sports teams. Internship · San Francisco · Research
  2.  Scoop Easy custom carpooling  Partner Relationship Manager $60k – $100k · 0.0 – 0.3%  The Scoop team has a simple mission: to finally make carpooling a viable alternative to the solo commute by eliminating the hassle, sacrifice, and frustration that has plagued carpooling for years. As we reimagine every aspect of shared commuting… Full Time · San Francisco · Business Development · Sales and Marketing · Sales/Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
  3. uMake  set your ideas free  Head of Growth  $59k – $89k · 0.0 – 0.25%
    uMake’s mission is to empower creative individuals by providing the next generation of design tools, together with cutting-edge technology. uMake’s mobile app empowers designers to quickly and intuitively express concepts in 3D.  Full Time · San Francisco · User Experience Design · Product Marketing · Sales and Marketing · Data Anaylsis
  4. Orphidia  Know Your Health  Sales & Marketing Lead  $40k – $90k · 0.5 – 1.5% Orphidia is transforming how we interact with our health, starting with our health data. We are changing how health data is collected, delivered, and understood. We’re developing a portable device to do a large selection of common blood tests in… Full Time · San Francisco


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