The Cloud Shines Brightly in 2016

The cloud envelops everything

clNearly every business uses the cloud for all or some of its business software. Roughly 93 percent to be exact. The cloud enables connectivity with other systems and reduced maintenance and mobility among other benefits.

The past few years have seen widespread adoption of cloud computing, but 2016 is the year that businesses will start to complete the process and move the remainders of their systems to hosted solutions.

Currently 68 percent of enterprises run less than a fifth of their application portfolios online, an unsustainably low figure given the necessity for connected systems and interaction with connected devices, APIs from other businesses and mobile workers. Unsurprisingly, startups in Silicon Valley like Coupa – which provide online procurement software and services to other businesses – are already showing the way by relying entirely on cloud solutions to run their businesses.

There are other business technology trends, of course, but these represents one of the largest changes. Businesses would be wise to take note, make improvements and advance toward the future.

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